Fix My Markups?

Why do you allow one marketplace to pay you less for your tickets than another?

Sell fees, the amount a marketplace charges for each order they send you, vary greatly and some are as high as 15%. If Marketplace A charges you a 15% sell fee, but Marketplace B only charges you a 3% sell fee you are giving Marketplace A a huge pricing advantage.

“They sell more of my tickets”, you say.

Of course they do. Marketplace A gets to pay you $85.00 for your $100.00 ticket while Marketplace B has to pay you $97.00. No marketplace could ever sell as many tickets when they have to pay you so much more.

How do I Fix My Markups?

The tool below will help illustrate the payment differences between marketplaces. Once you have entered your information click the button under to the lowest payout and you will see the markups/markdowns you should apply to all of your marketplaces so they all pay you the same.

1. Select your marketplaces

Check each marketplace to which you upload your inventory.

2. Input your Sell Fee and Markup or Markdown

Your sell fee is the amount a marketplace takes from each sale and may include discounts applied on their side. If you have your automator apply a markup or a markdown to your tickets before they are uploaded, enter that in the appropriate box. Be sure to use a negative number for a markdown.

Sell Fee
Ticket Price
Uploads At
Marketplace Fee
Net Sell Fee
Click one of the buttons
to see how to match that
payout across all marketplaces
Vivid Seats
$12.96 / 12.96%
$9.22 / 9.22%
Ticket Evolution
$3.00 / 3.00%
$5.76 / 5.76%